Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Posted by Becca Abrahams on

It's been about a week since I started working with a nutrition coach.

 I've always approached things with my eating from a very relaxed macro approach. Basically a carb is a carb is a carb and I was okay getting my carbs from donuts or rice. On a heavy squat or deadlift day, my preworkout "meal" was usually some sort of sugary carby deliciousness and I grew to associate gains with those types of foods-donuts, sour patch kids, cookies, ice cream. 

The first thing my nutrition dude told me was that I could have a few pieces of candy pre and post workout with my protein but that he wanted me to "clean up" the sources of my carbs. Rice, potatoes, yams, oats, Ezekiel bread, quinoa. I'm not kidding, I actually shed tears when I started working with him. I generally am not a fan of do and don't eat lists but I figured, why not get comfortable being uncomfortable? 

I'm about 2 weeks into this plan and I think I have expected my lifting to suck as I am eating in a caloric deficit (trying to sit more comfortably in my weight class) . While I don't really feel hungry, I do really really want every kind of unclean carb in try entire universe!!!!! Because, DEADLIFTS. 

I am actually feeling better than I have in a long time, even being down 7 pounds. I feel fresh and recovered at most of my workouts and seem to have great energy. I am at the beginning of my training cycle and so the weights are not heavy yet but every week the weights are getting heavier and are still moving well! Tonight I pulled 365 from a deficit for multiple reps and I was almost in shock that it came up as quickly as it did! 😂

My point? Sometimes it's worth it to do the things that make you uncomfortable. Every perceived obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. 


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