Julia Smay - On Owning Her Strength

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Stacy Albert, Christina Kirk, and Raeanne Pemberton celebrate Julia's win at CSW 2017

I had the honor and pleasure to sit down and have a virtual chat with California's Strongest Woman, Julia Smay. When the Belle of the Bar admin team made our wish list of female athletes to interview, Julia was a "no brainer." She has such poise and grace and fierceness.

Any strongwoman looking for a role model should look no further. Julia is the complete package. She owns her strength, and helps others own theirs. She is an athlete, mentor, and coach. Her impressive journey into strongWOman is just getting started, and she has no plans of stopping any time soon.

Take a listen to find out what she has learned thus far about how to have a winner's mindset, how she deals with challenges, and to learn what it feels like to be one of the strongest women in the USA.

Thanks again Julia for your time, and candor! Can't wait to see you in Michigan! <3 -Raeanne

Scroll down for the YouTube video (approximately 35 minutes), and visit www.BelleoftheBar.org for more blogs and athlete interviews!

Facing her fears and owning her strength, this was a turning point for Julia at her first year at NAS Nationals


Relishing in her 2nd place finish at United States Strongman Nationals 2017




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