Mental toughness: when the going gets tough

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by Cheri 

We've all had bad days. You wake up late, don't get to shower, the coffee has grounds in it, and so on.  You pillow your head at night and you're just glad it's over. Ready for the next one.

What about bad days in the gym? Oh, we've all had those too. Nothing is going right, you forgot your earbuds/knee sleeves/shoes etc, the weights feel like their bolted to the ground or the rack.  You might not even finish your training because you just can't even.

What happens when this becomes more common? Or even worse,  this becomes more prevalent than your good training days?

Well, I don't have all the answers but I've been there. And there are some things that you can do to help.

*Think positive.  You will fail that lift if you are doubting yourself. If you walk into the gym and are already telling yourself you won't succeed, why would you?  Don't psych yourself out of that lift.

*Make sure your sleep, nutrition and stress are in check. I won't go into details about these, but be sure that there aren't any blaring deficiencies that are stealing all your mojo.

*Talk about it. Find someone who you can confide in and be transparent. Make sure this person has your best interests at heart and wants to be a help. Being able to talk about your struggles is the first step to overcoming them.

*Figure out what your main source of struggle is and be proactive in attacking it. Don't give up. Don't roll over and assume your done for and your lifting days are over. Whether you're experiencing plateaus, technique breakdown, lack of energy, you need to identify it and fix it. It won't get better over night, but if your determined to fix it, it will get better. Seek out help, ie training partners,  coach, online support groups, YouTube tutorials,  relevant articles,  etc.

*Have patience and be kind to yourself. You will be your biggest ally or your greatest enemy. You need to choose which one it'll be.








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