United States Strongman Nationals Qualified!!

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Photo Credit Veronica Whitted Fields - Be Strong


This weekend, April 4th, I competed in my fifth strongman comp at Be Strong in Bloomington, IL, and did well! I was the only one in my weight class so I received a first place by default, and as a result I qualified for the United States Strongman Nationals. I feel like I didn't "technically" earn it. But the optimist in me says I would have earned it even if there were several in my weight class. I had a decent showing!

There were four events and one pre-competition deadlift state & national record breaker attempt (pictured above). I participated in the deadlift record breaker, and hit a new personal record of 365 lbs! I was SO excited. One year prior, I set the female heavyweight deadlift state record for Illinois Strongman. I hit 360 lbs then, and I worked an entire year to get over the mental block I had with deadlifts. I finally broke the block, and I know 400 will be mine soon!



The other four events included Axle Clean & Press 90# for reps (one minute), Deadlift 200# max reps (one minute),  Keg Medley (75#, 110#, 130#, 160#), and Stone over Bar 120# max reps (one minute). The contest had 10-12 women competing, but not enough in each weight class, so all female competitors did the light weight events. They were light for me, considering I'd been training for the heavy weight events. I'll post the event videos below.

My Results: Stone - 11 reps, Axle - 14 reps, Deadlift - 34 reps, Keg - 50 seconds

I am excited and scared but I intend to train and see how I fare at Unites States Strongman Nationals. Why not?? I'll never feel "ready" after all and today showed me that I have way more in me than I know. Follow my training here.





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