BOTB is headed to California!

Posted by Beth McBride on

It is with extreme excitement that we announce that Belle of the Bar is a returning event Sponsor for California's Strongest Woman, hosted by Santa Cruz Strength and Starting Strongman on April 15, 2017! We had so much fun at last year's historic event, that we have to return. We will be sponsoring the deadlift event this year.

CSW 2016 Group photo of Rae, Kristin, Becca, Beth, Clay and Kalle You can read more about this year's events, prizes, live streaming, and other sponsors online here.

We have found it to be incredibly rewarding and inspiring to have had the privilege to be a part of so many shows, and CSW is on the top of our list. We believe in giving back to the female strength community and supporting promoters to help them put on the best shows! We'd like to thank our online community who has helped make our involvement in California's Strongest Women possible for two years!

You can catch us at the Belle of the Bar merchandise table in Cali, or on the competition platform! We can't wait to see you again. California, we're coming back!

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