Lift Like a Lady Workshop

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Today we had an amazing Belle of the Bar event at PRIMAL Strength and Fitness in Stoughton, Wisconsin where I am a coach and personal trainer. Raeanne and I had talked a bit about connecting to lift together, and as one thing led to another we decided to create an opportunity for women to get together and celebrate their strength, learn from one another and just throw some heavy weight around. The first Lift Like a Lady Workshop was born! 

We ended up with a total of 13 strong women athletes, with a variety of ability levels, experiences and strength sports represented. Several of the women drove some pretty considerable distances to come and connect. It was a great time, and I truly believe it could not have gone any better. I have to be real here for just a minute. There was a moment during deadlifts when I just looked around at the strength, power, support, and energy in that room and just had to pause for a moment. The emotion was truly overwhelming!

It was exciting to see multiple women squatting and deadlifting over 300 pounds, and equally impressive to see newer lifters hammering on their technique and setting new PRs!


Those who were more seasoned powerlifters were sharing cues and personal experiences with those newer to the sport that resulted in many people setting PRs.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of building a strong female strength community. We already spoke about continuing a sort of traveling workshop and even began talking about potential locations for our next event!


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